Kaigani Youth Voyaging Program

(San Juan Islands residents only)

“He wa’a he moku, he moku he wa’a”, this particular ʻōlelo noʻeau, or Hawaiian proverb highlights the finite resources found on a voyaging canoe as well as on an island from Mauka (mountain/forest) to Makai (ocean) Having students imagine sailing thousands of miles with limited drinking water and essential supplies help facilitate student contemplation of our island resources and the necessity of being good environmental stewards. Likewise, we are prompted to think of ways we need to work together as a community to best steer our canoe in a right direction. We are challenged to envision our role in our everyday canoes, most specifically with our families (and extended), and how we are helping to ensure that our voyage together goes well and is successful.

A voyaging canoe is a maritime parallel to an Island village system. The success of our canoe depends on all roles and responsibilities of our Island village. Our crew consisting of fishermen, farmers, scientists, spiritual leaders, craftsmen, teachers, healers, Leadership, and all the people with all their unique skill sets. The canoe presents a modern platform for individuals to practice their cultural lifestyle in a synergetic way. Each individual is celebrated for what they can contribute to the whole.

For this program, We seek to honor the connection between canoe and land through the lens of sustainable food security, stewardship of our island natural resources, traditional knowledge systems, holistic health, exploration, outdoor and maritime skills training, rites of passage,  gratitude, mindfulness, and peacemaking.

Ages: 8-16

Limited Space: 6

2019/2020 Pilot Program

Location: TBA


Tuition: TBD includes program hat

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