Matthew Wickey, Founder/Executive Director

Matthew has worked as an outdoor educator and conservation biologist for the past 20 years in a multitude of programs and projects centered around conservation biology, adventure & environmental education, advocacy of traditional indigenous knowledge systems and community building. He has taught in Hawai’ian immersion schools, ocean-based experiential therapy programs, has worked as International expedition guide, directed University outdoor programs, and has extensive professional experience as a field biologist in the Main Hawai’ian Islands. Matt has an academic background in Outdoor Education/Environmental Science. Matt is dedicated to community building and bringing youth, families, and individuals to a greater awareness of the natural world and the connections that exist and that need to be healed to sustain our future as a global community. Matt finds his passions and is accomplished in ocean sports, surfing, sailing, snowboarding, mountaineering, backcountry medicine, and has interests and background in organic farming, natural/herbal medicine, Tai Chi/Qi Gong, and primitive living skills.

Matt is an active Fire Fighter/EMT with SJI EMS & SJI Fire & Rescue

Melissa Wickey, EAMP, L.Ac., MS, LMT
Founder/Owner, Wayfinder Wellness
Melissa earns by marriage default the title of “1st Mate” for Kaigani! But… her focus will be on consulting Kaigani voyages for holistic health, nutrition, and traditional herbal medicines. Our long-time dream will integrate Melissa’s knowledge and passions with ocean voyaging and she will serve as our canoe Healer. She will travel with Kaigani on special journeys and offer her wisdom and healing services to our Pullers, Pullers from other canoe families and especially Elders in need of sacred medicine. Melissa is a private practice practitioner of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, teaches anatomy & physiology for Friday Harbor School of Massage and is trained/licensed in multiple modalities of therapeutic massage along with Hawai’ian herbal medicine and lomi lomi.

Sarah Hanson, Founder, On Sacred Ground Land Trust
Sarah is the permaculture expert and farm specialist for KCVS Farm to Canoe Program, where we seek to connect to our local food source(s) to provision our Voyages traditionally as well as integrating modern organic farming methods.
Sarah has been working as a land steward consciously and actively for 25 years. She started by playing outside, moved to trail construction and land stewardship with the Student Conservation Association, Pacific Crest Trail Association and Washington Trails
Association. She has been a WWOOFer in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Italy and Senegal, learning organic gardening techniques, and has a permaculture design certificate. Sarah was program director for the San Juan Island Conservation Corps for 5 seasons, working with public lands agencies, local non-profits and Coast Salish tribes. She is a co-founder of Island Makers Guild, a local tool library modeled after NE Seattle Tool Library. She has a B.S. in Geology/Geophysics, moonlights as a healer, writer, sailor, Do It Yourself tinkerer, and has studied Peruvian shamanism with the Q’ero tribe in the high Andes of Peru and the Four Winds Society.

John Calogero, Outward Bound Instructor/Longboat Captain
When John is around the Islands he will play a vital roll as an additional Ho’okele aboard KAIGANI and her multi-day voyages around the Salish Sea.
John moved to San Juan Island in 1992 after years of involvement in boat building, yacht restoration, and sail training based in New England. From 1994 to 2003 John worked for the Outward Bound Sea Program. Since 2008 he has been involved with longboats, and other maritime education programs with the Northwest Maritime Center/Wooden Boat Foundation. John values the experiential education opportunity of voyaging in small boats, both for the its maritime aspects and life skills learned when living and working in close proximity with fellow crew members. John has been a co-leader on a number of Spring Street International School trips to Asia and is a Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician and Instructor.


Jono Saunders has been involved the maritime industry for over 35 years, building and operating private, commercial and Naval vessels. He began paddling in Tahiti when he was 13 years old and has competed in outrigger races all over the world. For building Kaigani, Jono paired up with his step-father John Guzzwell, a noted boat builder and world sailor. They designed Kaigani for mainland waters, with a long water line and a plumb bow to slice through the smaller waves. Jono continues to build interesting projects and is based in Poulsbo, Wa. with his family.

Shari Johnson-CFO/BOD

Shari has worked in the non-profit sector for over 15 years where she has honed her skills in grant writing, special events, and development. Her volunteerism with numerous conservation and cultural organizations highlights her love of nature and dedication to preserving the historical significance of indigenous practices. Shari’s constant inspiration whether travelling, hiking, biking, or supping, is the privilege of witnessing the magnificence of the natural world. She has survived living in the same household with Matt, balancing the brilliance of his visionary creativity with her desire to organize and implement.

Sharon Massey- BOD
MS Whole Systems Thinking, Washington State University Teaching Certification, Pacific Oaks College
 BS Biology and Outdoor Education, Northland College
Sharon brings to Kaigani a wealth of knowledge and will greatly benefit us in terms of Kaigani involvement with local youth, science, and experiential education.
Sharon Massey taught at Spring Street International School in the early years between 1996 and 2003, and left to raise her two children. Both Max and Addi now attend Spring Street, and Sharon returned 5 years ago to teach middle school Science. She loves to share her passion for the natural world and to get students outside doing real science with real scientists. A native of the East Coast, Sharon has been traveling since she was young, both in the states and around the world. After completing her BA, she worked in the field of Outdoor Education for 15 years and every 10 years or so goes back to school to learn something new. Sharon has lived in the islands for over 25 years, and she and her family enjoy exploring new places and then returning home.


Uncle Kimokeo Kapahulehua- Cultural Advisor/Ho’okele
Founder, Kimokeo Foundation Maui, HI
Uncle Kimokeo is the president of the Maui Fishpond based out of Maui, Hawaii. He has been a part of Ao ao O na Loko I a O Maui since 2000. He is a tireless leader in his community and prides himself on educating the local youth on the importance of keeping the environment healthy and Hawai’ian culture strong. He was the recipient of the National Volunteer of the Year Award from the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation and has won many other awards. He is the founder of Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Voyaging Society and recently the Kimokeo Foundation. Uncle Kimokeo in
November 2016 just resided as Kahu (priest) over an ancient canoe builders wedding ceremony for our good friend Dean Washington, master carver from the Lummi Nation to his bride Brandy Goodbuffalo. Dean and Kimokeo met years before in Samoa at a World Champion Outrigger Canoe Race. Matthew knows without a doubt that his bond to Uncle Kimokeo from years ago in Hawai’i is what naturally set him on a course to a new found bond and friendship to Uncle Dean from Lummi. Matt feels as though one Elder cast him across the sea for another Elder to catch him.
We will be blessed to have Uncle Kimokeo on Kaigani voyages into future in the Pacific Northwest as his schedule permits.

Donna “Kahi” Kahakui- Advisory Council
Founder, Kai Makana, O’ahu, Hawai’i
Champion paddler, ocean activist, long-distance paddler, biggest heart ever full of Aloha. Donna “Kahi” founded the non-profit Kai Makana on O’ahu and works as a Special Agent for the EPA and US Treasury Dept. Kaigani will be blessed to have her paddling long- distance voyages into the future with our Hawai’i ‘Ohana affiliated with Kaigani and no doubt she will help Skipper for future Tribal Canoe Journeys in the Salish Sea and other Kaigani multi-day voyages.

Uncle John Stokes
 Founder, The Tracking Project, 
We finally “tracked” Uncle John into our lives 7 years ago in Hawai’i at a Tracking workshop sponsored by mutual friends. We are blessed to call the Tracking Project our family as Mentors of part of a small International team that have learned from Uncle John his traditional teachings with the goal of acting as a network of stewards of the knowledge to pass down to future generations.
John Stokes, founder & Director of The Tracking Project, Inc. in Corrales, New Mexico, is a well-known musician, performer, writer and teacher of tracking. Since 1980 he has worked and traveled extensively in his efforts to bring awareness of the natural world and the integrity of indigenous peoples to interested people around the world. Over the past twenty years John and a diverse team of artist/ educators and
traditional Native elders have shared this unique awareness program with more than 100,000 people of all ages. Through Nurturing the Roots , a community mentor program, the Project’s work with the international community now includes partners/programs in Hawai’i, Brazil, the Philippines, Spain, Japan and Australia. He spent much of that time as well with Jake Swamp, Wolf Clan, and former chief of the Mohawk Nation and the Tree of Peace Society that brought the teachings of the Great Peacemaker to thousands of children and organizations world-wide.

Nancy C. Maryboy, Ph.D. President/Founder Indigenous Education Institute

a non profit organization with a mission of preserving, protecting and applying indigenous knowledge. She is also President of Wohali Productions, Inc., consulting in areas of indigenous science, indigenous astronomy, Native American education, curriculum development, film making and strategic planning.
She is currently working to develop native astronomy educational materials with the World Hope Foundation and the Sun/Earth Connection of NASA. She is adjunct professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Northern Arizona University, where she is developing an Internet based course of Native American Astronomy. She is a core member of the Native American Academy, working at the boundaries of traditional indigenous and western science.
Her current work is centered around the recovery of indigenous astronomies and how that knowledge can be used in educational settings today, primarily for the benefit of native students. She gives national and international presentations on the juxtaposition of native knowledge, quantum consciousness, western science and the protocols of conducting indigenous research.

Samuel Barr- Samish Nation, Stillaguamish Canoe Skipper
We are blessed to have connected with Sam Barr on San Juan Island. We look forward to working with Sam into future and as a mentor for Kaigani for
 the historical and cultural stories of the shared waterways of all Coast Salish peoples. Kaigani feels blessed that the first canoe spirits she traveled with on the water was with Sam’s canoe family.






Naim Ferguson- Kaigani Ho’okele

Committed to supporting organizations and people that do good work, from youth programs & water sports to cultural preservation and activism. Naim has been involved in grass roots community projects that have impact including Kiss The Ground, Protect The Sacred, The Amplifier Foundation, Kimokeo Foundation, Ko’ie’ie Fishpond Association, Maunalua Fishpond, Water Circles, Pailolo Challenge, Solid Cause and Kaigani Voyaging Canoe Project. Naim is a marketing and communications specialist who uses his skills in design, media and software to support the work in his community of paddle sports. Naim works as the Creative Director at Outrigger Zone where he works to grow the sport of Outrigger Canoe Paddling. Naim is responsible for bringing Kaigani into our lives and for the Children of the Salish Sea.