Little Wayfinders Forest to Ocean Immersion-


Begins Late Fall 2018-

Location: Remote Sites TBA

Time: Mon-Friday 1230-430pm

Ages: 3-6


3 days $350/4 days $450 /5 days $550

*homeschooler’s of all ages welcome!

Our children are the future of our Islands and the health of our Islands.

We seek to……

-Promote social skills and positive self-confidence through group play and cooperative learning and teamwork

-Facilitate experiential activities that encourage growth, problem-solving skills, curiosity, wonder, and development of physical motor skills

-Provide a supportive, safe learning environment to encourage discovery, questioning and experimentation

-Nurture self-expression, creativity and reflection

-Celebrate diversity of all living things while teaching Gratitude

-Instill respect and appreciation for the natural world and indigenous wisdom and all those who came before

-Perpetuate connection to the natural world and specifically the spirit of the Canoe and the concept of “he wa’a he moku, he moku he wa’a” (A canoe is an Island, Our island is the Canoe) This particular ʻōlelo noʻeau or Hawaiian proverb highlights the finite resources found on a voyaging canoe as well as on an island. Having kids imagine sailing thousands of miles with limited drinking water and essential supplies help facilitate student contemplation of our island resources and the necessity of being good environmental stewards. Likewise, they are prompted to think of ways we need to work together as a community to best steer our canoe in a right direction.

-Explore & engage in all teachings that come out of the spirit of the canoe- foraging, wild crafting, tracking, gardening/farming,  plant identification, animal care,  movement, storytelling, music & arts, traditional knowledge skills & nature awareness

-On protected waters, explore learning to paddle and connect to our sacred program canoes, Kaigani, Xwachxeng, & Malama Po’alima.












Little Wayfinders CORE VALUES:

Akahai– Kindness. Help others where you can, others help where possible

Lokahi– Unity. Unity is to a canoe family, what water is to a farmer. Take away a families unity, and the family becomes a lifeless desert.

Malama– Demonstrate concern, care, and understanding toward all members of our learning ‘ohana and our learning environment , our Earth Mother.

Makawalu– Always be open to new perspectives and new ways of learning.

Laulima– Accept kuleana (responsibilities), contribute to the Kaigani & Little Wayfinders ‘ohana

Aloha– Mutual regard and affection and exends warmth in caring with no obligation in return


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