Adult Program Series

Wayfinding Towards Holistic Health

In collaboration with On Sacred Ground Land Trust and Wayfinder Wellness

Dates: Fall 2019 TBA

Limited Space: 10 (Co-ed)

Cost: $450

Time: 4 week session

Location: Wayfinder Wellness, remote sites TBD, Jackson Beach

Program Description:  Tracking and Polynesian Wayfinding tradition share a same spirit. Our Uncle and mentor shares with us that Tracking and Wayfinding are systems of awareness/skills that allow one to follow something (the track of an animal, a person, a memory, a concept, process of picking Islands out of vast Oceans, etc) with all of your senses as far as you can. It is a process of bonding your energy with the energy of something or someone that you are following. We believe in the deep power of reconnecting to the natural world and integrating the spirit of the teachings of the canoe and Tracking to help us overcome our hurdles as humans. Addictions, emotional trauma, loss, poor diet and health issues, and stress.

This in-depth workshop will feature many skilled professional practitioners in the community and our group centered around our sacred canoes to Wayfind towards more sustainable approaches to our well being.

Skills surveyed: PROJECT WAYFINDER TOOLKIT, Polynesian canoe paddling/sailing, ocean safety, advanced paddle technique, navigation, expedition planning, nutrition for optimal health, exercise/movement, Gratitude/Thanksgiving, music, foraging & wildcrafting, medicinal herbs/detox, medicine wheel modalities, ceremony, permaculture, Tai Chi/Qi Gong, traditional living skills, peacemaking

Firemaking & Traditional Skills Workshops:

Date(s):  Coming September 2019!

Time: Saturdays 0900-1100 (4 week session)

Cost: $ 125

Location: TBA

Skills: Movement, Tracking/Stalking, Firemaking, weaving, meditation, music, ceremony, medicinal herbs, wildcrafting, Thanksgiving, and more.

Cedar Strip Canoe Building Workshop

With our groups coast Salish style cedar strip canoe mold (Dean Washington, Lummi Nation) learn how to construct your own 18-25′ cedar strip canoe from start to water in as little as 7 days.

Cost: TBD, approx. $2-3K for canoe materials plus Instruction time

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